16J21R JD – my idea with this page is to have a short description on the top and have certain articles in the stream below.  
Note that the “About Us” button on the top right of this page directs to an About Us page, the “Member Login” button goes to the members. website, and the “E-Letter” button goes to a webform where people can signup for the mailing list (and give us their email addresses).
The random quote generator to the right is functional and can be filled in with quotes from the Trading Quotes Library, if desired.
The below articles are for proof-of-concept only.
I moved about 240 posts to the trash – these were post which were uploaded from the old website this summer. These could be pulled out of the trash and used if needed. These posts included most posts from the old website.
This website, as well as the members website, will automatically look excellent on a mobile device, regardless of web browser or platform. The theme supports dynamic content.
New posts can be added to this blog page by setting the post’s category to “Home Page”