About Us

The goal of Mercenary Trader is simple:

To bring together a community of master traders…

And educate new traders so they become master traders…

Who then become part of our global information network…

That produces the most profitable trading research in the world…

And comes together regularly to share knowledge and friendship.

At Mercenary Trader we provide market research, educational materials, and trading tools for serious traders.

We do this to build a community of seasoned professionals — truly skilled traders are hard to find! — which then increases the flow of information across our network… and increases the odds of finding the “next great trade” that could be worth millions, tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions.

We routinely get together in places like Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe… and we are constantly on the hunt for the best trades on the planet. The really, REALLY big ones.

Like the gigantic US dollar move we caught in 2014.

Or the energy stocks implosion resulting from the “Saudi Oil wars,” which we nailed in 2015.

Or the potentially massive move in gold and gold stocks now unfolding — where we also spotted the turn…

Or the “big rollover” in the major equity indices world wide, developing as of this writing…

Or the countless individual equity moves we’ve caught, both long and short, these past five years (all documented)…

The Mercenary Trader community already includes traders and money managers from some of the top shops in the world — places like Bridgewater, Tudor, Citadel, Oaktree, and Goldman Sachs Asset Management to name a few. We even have multiple Market Wizards in our rolodex.

We also have high net worth investors… institutional capital allocators… family office managers… and independent hedge fund managers among our ranks. Not to mention countless private individuals dedicated to trading.

But for all that firepower, Mercenary Trader is a place for NEW traders and investors to feel welcome.

Our educational materials cater to all levels, from beginner to advanced. Our research is institutional quality, but written so that anyone can understand it. (Isn’t that a sign of the best writing anyway?)

And we keep our research and educational products affordable — though routinely told we should charge much more — because we want our community to grow, and we want new traders to have access.

That’s because the more who join the MT community, the stronger we get…

And the more who embrace the art and science of trading mastery, the better our odds of finding — and funding — the “next generation” of star traders and hedge fund managers.

We aspire, among other things, to be a 21st century reincarnation of the old “Commodities Corp” — the trading house and think tank that brought forth multiple trading legends. Those who join us could find themselves on a path to trading mastery… in the company of friends… with greater levels of fulfillment and achievement than they ever dreamed.

Maybe that includes you…

If you’d like to know more, a great place to start is ourĀ Strategic Intelligence Report…

Watch this space for more soon.

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